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Support staff

Our support staff have a variety of vital roles in our school:


As the Business Manager, I love meeting the children when they come on a message or to sick bay.  They are very brave, coming to stay over for nearly a fortnight away from home, but they have such a good time with us and the days fly by.  I'm very fortunate to work in such a happy school and with such a great staff.


Being an avid beach lover; the location of Stewart House school has me in awe every morning. The sound of the waves and the views of ocean wildlife from classroom windows creates an environment that is both welcoming and replenishing to both the staff and students.

It makes me proud to see the students arrive each group with big smiles and eager anticipation, brave enough to leave behind their friends and family for 2 weeks and utilise this opportunity to experience new activities, new friendships and new life perspectives.  


Being an Aboriginal Education Officer plus having this space to hand down healing and also share my experiences, music and culture with these children has been incredible. As part of the Aboriginal Education Program I engage with students, teachers and support staff to create a sense of place for our students through connecting and caring for Country, speaking and singing language and also sharing music.  South Curl Curl beach across the road has to be my favourite place to take our groups to fill our senses, for cleansing, grounding, sand, sun and saltwater.


My role as General Assistant at Stewart House School is to fix anything that breaks and to keep the place looking beautiful.  Recently we've done a lot of painting work and the bright colours and planters make the school look fantastic.  Working at Stewart House is a family affair for me as I'm married to Lisbeth!


I am grateful I get to work at such a special school.

At Stewart House School I really enjoy teaching kids how to coil weave, it can be a very relaxing and a mindful activity. The sensory room at Stewart House School is really special and the kids have the option to have a break and stop and be in the moment. 

When we go out on our excursions, one of my favourites is going to the the zoo and seeing the bird show and seal show which is always a highlight. The beach is also beautiful, I enjoy watching the kids have a fantastic time in the beach pool, just across the road from Stewart House.


What I like about bowling? Disco lights flashing, music playing, watching the children cheer and hi –five each other when the skittles are knocked over or a strike is made.

Swimming in Summer is about the glistening of the sun on the water in the pool, the smiles and the laughter on the children’s faces as they splash around chasing each other and of course the sand between the toes.


How exciting - what can I say?  Watching the children making such wonderful things puts a huge smile on my face - and theirs too! I'm so fortunate to have a job where I can use all my creativity!  I get to do pottery and art work with the children and I’m amazed at the beautiful work they produce to take home with them.


I  have to say I love an 'in' day at Stewart House. Its the perfect opportunity to build great connections with the children in an environment that is relaxing and nurturing.

I fell fortunate that I can be a part of teaching our children key life skills such as meditation, mindfulness, self care and resilience. This is an integral part of our school curriculum.


At Stewart House School my favourite day is the excursion to the Powerhouse Museum. I love seeing the kids look up at the space ships, blown away at how big they are and seeing  how much they love the experiments room where they puzzle over how things work. Then we finish off the day at Clontarf park with a fun picnic.



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